Have you completed our Out of School Childcare Assessment yet? A useful tool to help Out of School Childcare Clubs reflect on their service

Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs has developed an Out of School Childcare Assessment (OSCA) to support Out of School Childcare Clubs to reflect on their service. The OSCA contains sector-specific questions across the themes of legal/regulation, finances, governance, management, staff development, training, quality and marketing and promotion. Clubs are welcome to complete the OSCA themselves, or one of our Childcare Business Development Officers would be happy to visit your setting to support you to complete the OSCA, which can then form the basis of an ‘Action Plan’ to identify changes that could be made to enhance the quality, sustainability and robustness of your Childcare business. The OSCA and Action Plan will not only ‘help us to help you’ to address any areas of potential improvement, but could also form part of your Quality of Care Review.