Welsh Now in a Minute Posters

Welsh Now in a Minute is the name of our project which we hope will help encourage more Welsh to be spoken in Out of School Clubs – by everyone. We will be producing short videos and handy posters on a monthly basis to help children and Playworkers use simple Welsh words and phrases in Play.

You can view all of the videos on our YouTube Channel – please click here. There is a poster to go alongside each video – click below to download.

Gwneud gwaith ysgol – Doing school work

Gwyliau – Holidays

Hwyl am y tro – Bye for now

Maes Ffrwydrau – Minefield

Mynd am dro i_r goedwig – Going for a walk in the woods

Nol i_r ysgol – Back to school

Pentref Ffion – Ffion’s village

Pentref Lloyd ac Elis – Loyd and Elis’ village

Tilly Teithio – Travelling Tilly

Yn yr Ardd – In the Garden

Add Gorff o gatref – PE at home

Amser Bwyd – Time to Eat

Amswer Snac – Snack Time

Ar y traeth On the Beach

Gardd Tylwyth Teg – Fairy Garden