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Ysgellog Wind Farm

Date: 03/10/2016

Building Better Dens!The aim was to develop a new workshop focused on providing practical experience to enhance playworkers' knowledge of structure building and how it can be incorporated into different play activities with children.

This project also aimed to raise the children and Playworkers’ awareness of the environment and the way in which structures and shelters can be built in a sustainable manner in a form appropriate to local conditions. Our Training Officer developed a variety of activities to cater for the different interests of children and used a variety of materials that would allow the shelters to be adapted for indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as the children’s’ ages and stages of development.

The activities ranged from building self supporting towers, Tepees, quadrangle and Pentangle dens and free form dens that allowed the children to use their new skills and knowledge to build their own dens.

The work with staff and children at Clwb Plant Amlwch has been very successful in allowing us to develop and pilot activities for a Building Better Dens based workshop. The piloted activities have been adapted based on the suggestions and trials with the club in Amlwch have now been developed into a workshop which will be delivered to clubs across Wales.

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