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Funding Newsflash February 2019

As an organisation, we are pleased to have been awarded funding of £1,000 from The Earnest Cook Trust towards our 'Grow Your Own Food project, for resources to help children get outdoors, growing, harvesting and cooking food. Activities will give children new practical skills outdoors which will also boost physical and mental health and wellbeing.



Healthy Hearts Grants



Heart Research UK and Subway Healthy Heart Grants are funded by the Subway helping Hearts family 5K events and in-store fundraising across subway stores. Funding of up to £10,000 is now available for communities in wales for projects that promote heart healthy lifestyle.

Funding is awarded for original, innovative projects that promote heart health and help reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Projects should aim to promote activities such as cooking skills, healthy eating, improving physical activity levels and mental well being, all with a focus on a heart healthy lifestyle.

Grants are only available to non- profit organisations, including:

  • Charities
  • Community Groups
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Sports Groups.

Applications are open from 1st Februay 2019 and close on 14th March 2019.

Please visit the website for further information and to apply.






Provident Social impact Fund

The Community Foundation in Wales are working with Provident, as part of Provident's commitment to Wales, we are delighted to launch the Provident Social Impact Fund ( Wales) which aims to support social inclusion. The programme will invest in activities that seek to alleviate the underlying problems that prevent social inclusion and enjoyment of a full modern life.

The key aim of the fund is to support projects and activities that are addressing need identified through consultation and/or engagement with potential beneficiaries and have a clear focus on the positive results they plan to achieve. Projects need to be inclusive of people in the locality regardless of their background, offer wider benefit and be cost effective

 Projects should meet at least one of the following priorities:

  •  Improving people's personal finance capabilities (debt and financial advice/education)
  •  Improving physical and/or mental health
  •  Providing support which enhances, creates and sustains positive family relationships
  •  Addressing issues of low educational attainment and improving learning outcomes
  •  Providing people with opportunities to reduce inequality, exclusion and disadvantage, including projects which increase access to employment.

Grants will not be awarded to or for:

  • Commercial organisations
  • Sponsorship (including sports kit) or marketing appeals
  • Individuals - including student Food banks
  • Mainstream activities and statutory requirements of hospitals and medical centers (including NHS Trusts), universities and colleges
  • Establishment/preservation of endowment/welfare funds
  • Organisations that redistribute funding for subsequent grant-making to other organisations and/or individuals
  • Expeditions or overseas travel
  • Single religious or ethnic groups - we don't support organisations who are promoting their own values. We would however consider supporting the activities of such organisations if they are aimed at supporting the wider community in accordance with these guidelines
  • Political or military groups or activities - although we would consider supporting organisations who support veterans in accordance with these guidelines
  • Capital appeals for building projects, e.g. for rebuilding a community center, heritage centers, visitor centers, museums, theaters or places of worship
  • Historic restoration/historic publications
  • Overseas organisations - this is about supporting our local communities
  • Animal welfare organisations
  • Projects currently in receipt of funding through Provident Financial Group
  • Organisations that have income over £250k in the most recent financial year

Who can apply:

Community groups, Charities, social enterprises or other Charitable Organisations from the voluntary sector that:

  • Have a Constitution or other relevant governance document.
  • Have a management committee/ board of directors/ trustees of at least three unrelated people.
  • Have a bank account under the name of the group with at least two unrelated signatories.
  • Provide a signed copy of your Organisation's most recent bank statement.
  • Are based in and supporting people living in Wales
  • Have an income of £250,000 or under in the most recent financial year.

Priority will be given to small, community Organisations in areas of social, financial and welfare disadvantage.

Grants of between £1000 and £5000 are available. Please note only one application per organisation can be considered. Applicants MUST be able to demonstrate the financial and social need the grant will address.

All applicants must complete an application form which can be downloaded from the Foundation's website 





The Foresters' Fund For Children

The FFFC converts the funds it has gathered through sponsorship or donations etc., into grants which are determined and issued quarterly (usually in January, April, July. and September of each year). These small grants, (as funds allow), are awarded to those groups or charities who, in the view of the Trustees, are helping children in their community to achieve their best potential through counselling, healthcare, sport, social skills or through other activities, or by providing equipment which will be of positive benefit to the children.

FFFC will consider applications from groups or charities who deal with the best interests of children in its many forms. The general rules we apply for consideration of applications are:

  • Minimum of 10 children to benefit
  • How much they are likely to fund
  • Applications are considered January, April, July and September 
  • The applying group or charity is currently financially viable, or, if a new group or charity is being set up with the help of a grant, that their prospects for long term viability are good. Has its own bank account and good accountancy practice. Is all-inclusive as far as race, religion and disablement are concerned

Applications form & guidance notes on website (accounts information will be required)





Good Luck- and please tell your Childcare Business Development Officer if you have successful applications so we can share your news with others!  If you have any funding queries, comments or suggestions, email us!  


029 2074 1000

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