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Out of School Childcare Clubs Based in Schools

As the need for childcare around the school day grows, many schools in Wales are providing much needed Out of School Childcare to meet the needs of their families and communities. Good quality clubs can also enhance a school’s reputation, attract new families and increase pupil numbers as well as support positive relationships with parents and the wider community.
Running either side of the school day and during holidays, Out of School Childcare Clubs enable parents or carers to return to work, education or training, knowing their children are being cared for by qualified Playworkers in a high quality provision. Clubs provide valuable play and learning opportunities for children (3-14 years), and our research also indicates that there are additional benefits for children relating to improved social skills, behaviour, school attendance and children feeling happier at school Your Opinion Counts 2016
Out of School Childcare Clubs are registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), the regulatory body for childcare, meeting National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare, to ensure a quality service is being offered. If childcare provision runs for more than 2 hours per day for children up to the age of 12 years, it must, by law, be registered with CIW. There are many benefits of CIW registration not only for the school, but also for the club, the children and their families. You can access a previous article written about these benefits here.
Clubs are run by a variety of providers such as schools, voluntary management committees, private providers and others. The CIW has recently confirmed that where schools run Out of School Childcare Clubs themselves, the governing body (and not the individual Head Teacher) needs to register as an organisation with CIW. The governing body effectively becomes the Registered Person. It then needs to appoint any member of the governing body or the Head Teacher as the Responsible Individual (and NOT as the Registered Person) for CIW purposes. A Head Teacher appointed as a Responsible Individual by their governing body should discuss this role with their employer.
It is the Registered Person who is expected to demonstrate ongoing compliance by the day care provision with the various requirements of these regulations, having regard to the relevant statements in the NMS.
Many clubs, including those that are school based, may be run by a separately constituted Voluntary Management Committee. This is a group of individuals often recruited from the school and community and may include the Head Teacher. In this case, Head Teachers may also assume the role of Responsible Individual on behalf of that voluntary group and should understand that this is in their own capacity as a community member and is separate to their role in the school.
Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs exists to help communities in Wales by promoting, developing and supporting quality, affordable, accessible Out of School Childcare Clubs, supporting both new and existing settings. Schools considering on site childcare should always first take account of existing childcare provision in their locality and identify parental demand.
If you would like support with your Out of School Childcare Club, including discussing suitable management structures or you would like to discuss the possibility of having an Out of School Childcare Club on your school site, please contact your Regional Office for support.
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