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The Childcare Offer for Wales

On 28 October Welsh Government will launch a Childcare Offer for Wales national communications campaign. The campaign mission is to make every working parent with young children in Wales feel able to work – whether that’s a return to work, more hours, more flexibility or more financial viability as a working parent.

As key stakeholders, assisting parents with the Offer on the front line, this message is intended to ensure you’re sighted on our plans, and also to provide you with resources in the form of a toolkit which I hope you find useful.

The campaign will have three strands:

Strand 1: To encourage eligible parents to take up the Offer.

An initial campaign burst will run from Oct 2019 – Mar 2020 with the aim of contributing towards an overall 65% take up rate of the Offer over the two year campaign duration.

This first strand will appeal to a broad range of parents and will lead with financial incentive messaging, under the caption of “what would you do with a bit of extra money every month”; a message which our testing indicated resonated most with this audience group.

Key channels where you are likely to see our campaign:

  • TV advert on Sky AdSmart and S4C.
  • Radio advert (various stations pan Wales).
  • Cinema Advert (in most LA areas). Supermarket digital screen will be used in LA areas where cinema is not feasible.
  • Facebook, digital advertising and paid search adverts.
  • Key sector bloggers endorsing Offer across social media platforms.
  • Wales Online advertorial / Western Mail press notice and local press notices.
  • The Childcare Offer for Wales Facebook account.
  • Welsh Government Twitter accounts

We’ve grouped Local Authority areas in to ‘tiers’ based upon current take up rates (data available to us monthly).  Whilst some campaign channels will apply nationally, this approach will allow us to target extra resource on the areas requiring the greatest boost in uptake of the Offer. We’ll review take up rates monthly and adjust the tiers periodically as needed.

All campaign activity will provide a clear call to action to direct audiences to a new campaign web-page which sits on-top of our existing Offer web-pages on the Welsh Government website: gov.wales/childcareoffer  /  llyw.cymru/cynniggofalplant.

Once on the page, audiences will be able to find out about the Offer (at a national level) and search for their local Family Information Service to find out more. This approach will allow us to directly monitor how many people are responding to the campaign, and through monthly take up rates, how this is boosting take up.

Strand 2: To increase the uptake of Welsh language provision.

This will supplement strand 1 activity with a sub-campaign that promotes the benefits of the Offer in helping parents to access Welsh language provision with an aim of increasing the uptake of that provision. Proposals are currently being developed with a view to launching this strand within this financial year.

Strand 3:  To enable more parents, particularly mothers to return to work and increase disposable income of those in work and help counteract poverty for those in low paid jobs.

A longer-term campaign, focussing on harder to reach parents. This strand will focus on the development of key channels and content to support, for example, women who are currently not planning to return to work, or think that going back to work is not financially viable. Proposals are currently being developed with a view to launching this strand within this financial year.

Campaign Toolkit

We have developed a digital campaign toolkit to provide LA communications leads and FIS teams across Wales with the resources to allow you to support the campaign.

These resources aren’t intended to replace any materials you may have already developed with a local focus – we know that many of you have developed your own resources and have ongoing communication plans for these. They are intended to equip you with additional campaign materials which you can incorporate into your communications plans, if desired, to demonstrate to your audiences the link between yourselves and the campaign.

Contents of the toolkit include:

  • Introduction to toolkit
  • Leaflet copy
  • Digital screen copy
  • Sample social media posts
  • Case study form
  • Poster
  • Childcare Offer video clip ( Welsh / English )

Below you will find 22 links to download LA specific sets of materials. In each set you will also find some editable templates allowing you to tweak certain elements (for example like adding in logos) as required.

I also note that the ‘doodle-flags’ and other resources we have developed previously have been well-received. Whilst these don’t form part of the toolkit (or campaign) we will continue to order them periodically and you should follow existing arrangements for getting in-touch regarding these.

Thank you

Blaenau Gwent - https://we.tl/t-q3r9BV62Lq

Bridgend - https://we.tl/t-HpdjuGb4Eh

Caerphilly - https://we.tl/t-QCTxbgrm27

Cardiff - https://we.tl/t-dAayd6FGRz

Carmarthen - https://we.tl/t-lXUjjoyL7c

Ceredigion - https://we.tl/t-xbSaQ99Val

Conwy - https://we.tl/t-PKqe8k6Kke

Denbighshire - https://we.tl/t-BtydSA71tT

Flintshire - https://we.tl/t-bW99eIMe2c

Gwynedd - https://we.tl/t-oWewoYYIVM

Isle of Anglesey - https://we.tl/t-cbCj65eotV

Merthyr - https://we.tl/t-AZSsnKNeLm

Monmouth - https://we.tl/t-zgpRmYSOJN

Neath Port Talbot - https://we.tl/t-LKrCOg74Rj

Newport - https://we.tl/t-OhEyOm4YcC

Pembrokeshire - https://we.tl/t-8mKdcY0BLq

Powys - https://we.tl/t-k2qIGc5cah

Rhondda Cynon Taf - https://we.tl/t-Gv54mgD59T

Swansea - https://we.tl/t-x9KxMwMuWM

Torfaen - https://we.tl/t-9FiDOLnRbn

Vale of Glamorgan - https://we.tl/t-2BfTqBDmU5

Wrexham - https://we.tl/t-YGBv3t5GLj

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