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Education and childcare: coronavirus



22 March 2020


We realise that the situation at present is ever changing, guidance is constantly being updating and that information needs to be shared quickly and accurately. 

In order to ensure consistency of message on the guidance for schools, childcare settings, and parents/carers, we have produced the following key messages and information.  To confirm this guidance has been endorsed Solace and ADEW.

The overall key message is:

·         Everyone should stay home generally, stop the spread of the virus and protect the NHS

However, we’re trying to balance staying home with ensuring the safety of both the child and anyone in a vulnerable group:

·         Children should be kept home to stop the spread of the virus and protect the NHS

·         But we still need critical workers to do their jobs and we need to protect vulnerable children

·         Critical workers should keep their children home… but they can’t leave them alone if they judge that would not be safe and they can’t leave them with someone in a vulnerable group

·         If they have no safe alternative, they can go to a school / childcare setting

To help us disseminate these messages we would be grateful for your assistance in:

·         Sharing these ‘Stay at Home, Protect our NHS, Stay Safe’ graphics via all your channels.  These are available to download via

Dropbox: https://bit.ly/399ulDX

WeTransfer: https://bit.ly/396I3rf

(included bilingual animated video;  bilingual graphics; * Video message from MfE; and will include a subtitled video from MfE later today)

·         Directing people to the following guidance https://gov.wales/5-things-you-need-know-sending-your-children-school-or-childcare

·         Update your website with this information


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