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Publishing The Decision Framework for the next phase of childcare and education: considerations, planning and challenges

Last week, @Welsh Government published The Decision Framework for the next phase of childcare and education: considerations, planning and challenges  and gave thanks to the Sector for their input and the support so far.
This working document shows the complexity of the matter and the considerations and decisions that need to be taken to open up childcare, schools and other educational settings for more children and young people.
Welsh Government do not expect that schools or other childcare or education settings across Wales will be open for all learners, from all years, all week anytime soon.   They are not setting a date before there is more evidence, more confidence and more control over the virus. But they are using this time to plan.
WG want to be honest and transparent and start a wider discussion about how to do this, including with parents and children. The safety of childcare workers, teachers, lecturers, students, teaching assistants, cleaners, caretakers and catering staff and other supporting settings is paramount, as outlined in the Minister for Education’s five principles.
They have set up a number of groups to advise. They will also be continuing to take the views of parents, children and young people into account. This includes sessions such as #AskKirsty tomorrow (Wednesday 20/05), 16:00 - 17:00 where they are inviting people to give their views directly to Kirsty Williams, Minister for Education through twitter and facebook.
You will hear of any changes or developments relating to childcare, schools and educational settings in Wales directly from Welsh Government or through the setting itself.  Don’t forget to #AskKirsty tomorrow from 4pm if you have any questions!

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