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COVID-19 outbreak handling in childcare settings.

Childcare practitioners are included in the list of priority workers and so should be able to access antigen tests quickly (if they have symptoms).  To provide reassurance that there will be a swift public health response in the event of an outbreak of Covod-19 in educational and childcare settings and clarity over what that will be, Public Health Wales has developed a rapid response process for the investigation and management of clusters and outbreaks of COVID-19 that occur in such settings. 

The Operational Public Health Advice Note for Welsh Government on the investigation and management of clusters and incidents of COVID-19 in educational and childcare settings (draft) and accompanying letter, outline how and when a response will be triggered and outlines what steps should be taken to protect individuals and communities where outbreaks are occurring, as well as reducing spread to other communities:

  1. Identification of cases in possible cluster
  2. Gathering of minimum information
  3. Initial cluster management and risk assessment
  4. Declaration of outbreak and management

Adherence to official guidance from Welsh Government, Care Inspectorate Wales and Public Health Wales is also necessary.

A clear point of contact with a designated person in the setting (usually the Head Teacher, Manager or equivalent and a deputy if needed) should be established, who should ideally be available outside of normal working office hours.

The final published versions are not anticipated to change very much and we will update you when they become available.

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