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Guidance for Childcare Settings 'Protective Measures in Childcare Settings: Keep Childcare Safe' is being updated

The Welsh Technical Advisory Group, provides scientific and technical advice to Government during emergencies and has reviewed the current evidence which suggests:

  • Where children are infected with the virus, it takes a milder course than in adults.
  • Children generally present with mild symptoms or are asymptomatic. 
  • Very few develop severe symptoms or live threatening levels of infection.

To read the full report visit https://gov.wales/technical-advisory-group-advice-return-school

Currently Welsh Government are updating their guidance for childcare settings:  https://gov.wales/protective-measures-childcare-settings-keep-childcare-safe.  Follow us on social media or visit our website www.clybiauplantcymru.org as we will update these as soon as the updated guidance is published.


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