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Care Inspectorate Wales online portal updates

The development and release of the Online portal has enabled service providers to update their information with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). Since its release in 2018 further changes have been made to enhance the usability based on the feedback of its users.

The latest updates have now been integrated into the portal.

The first cha00nge you will notice when you log into your account will be the heading My Alerts. Within this section there will be 2 possible types. The first will be where CIW will communicate with users regarding planned maintenance, new features or general information. The second will be regarding your service profile and/or provider profile and possible missing or incomplete information.

All references to the term ‘Service Provider’ have been replaced with the term ‘Provider’ which refers to the organisation providing childcare,  the  colour coded command bars for the Provider are  blue. All colour coding relating to the Service ie the actual childcare setting are green.

There is now help text and re-directs to assist with locating the correct online transaction and by clicking the relevant link the user will be re-directed to the correct area of the system.

Where information requires text to be included there is now a character countdown field allowing the user to know what the limit is on the information to be included.

New ‘document upload rules’ guidance at each point where documents need to be uploaded will let the user know which types of files can be uploaded and what the maximum size is.

Where a time needs to be included, such as for an incident, the 12-hour clock will now be used along with AM/PM field to give consistent times.

Where a service has to notify CIW of an outbreak of an infectious disease, the type of disease now contains a ‘top 10 list’ for the user to select. Where the disease is not listed the user can still input the information into a text box and the service will also be reminded that they will need to inform Public Health Wales along with CIW.

Settings who have temporarily suspended their registration will be able to inform CIW of their intention to resume service provision by completing the ‘Lifting of suspension of registration’ section found in the leadership and management category of service notifications, giving a minimum of five working days’ notice. This is especially important for those settings who have temporarily closed during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Settings who wish to cancel their CIW registration are now required to outline the reasons why the service is being cancelled.

If you require further support with CIW online or registration please contact your local office:

Cardiff: info@clybiauplantcymru.org  

Cross Hands: info-ww@clybiauplantcymru.org

Colwyn Bay: info-nw@clybiauplantcymru.org



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