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Grow Your Own Feast Competition time!

WIN your Out of School Childcare Club a chance to be part of our new project, ‘Grow Your Own Feast’ and receive dedicated support and resources from one of our Training Officers in the new year. We want to work with you to give children fun, interactive ideas to get outdoors, growing,harvesting and cooking their own feast, thanks to Tesco Centenary Grants in Mid and West Wales and South East Wales.

Whether you are looking to start out or develop an existing area, have limited space or extensive growing grounds, our Grow Your Own Feast Project can help! The project involves one of our Training Officers supporting and working with your Out of School Childcare Club over a period of 6 months. You will be supported to develop an area where your children and young people can grow their own food, connect with nature and learn a wide range of new skills. The final outcome of the project will culminate in children and young people harvesting and cooking their own feast.


How to Apply

Send us a photo of your potential growing space and a summary of no more than 75 words about why your Setting should be chosen to contact@clybiauplantcymru.org


We would like the children and young people in your Out of School Childcare Club to tell us why they want to be involved.  This may be used in our publicity and for a social media voting poll. We welcome Settings with all types and sizes of growing spaces to get involved!

Competition entries to be received by: 22nd January 2021 and we aim to select winners by 29th January.

Please note that Out of School Childcare Clubs must:

  • located in Mid, West or South East Wales
  • work with Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs to complete the project
  • agree to have 3 visits/remote sessions and regular communication with a Training Officer
  • share on social media /digitally record their growing journey (support is available from your local Childcare Business Development Officer)


Things to consider


Measure space available to use for growing space. Consider vertical space that could also be used.


Sunny or shady? Consider the amount of sun that the space will get and at what times.


What space/windowsill is available to start growing the seeds on?


Is it accessible all year round? Can plants be watered/tended to most days? Or will it only be term time for example?


Can you plant straight into the ground? Or does something need to be built/upcycled into planters?


What preference of vegetable or fruits do you have as a group? Pick up to five.


Who would be able to help source materials to build planters? Are any parents or grandparents’ keen gardeners that could help?


What tools and materials do you currently have available?


Are there people in the community that could support you, offer advice, lend equipment?



When planning, these websites could be of use for ideas and suggestions:





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