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Camau Project: Case Study

Name and Type of setting:

Llanharan Community Development Project (LCDP)

Local Authority Area:                      

Vale of Glamorgan

Name and position of person in setting completing this case study:

Ben Thomas.  Youth and Play Co-Ordinator

Date completed: 23/10/2020


"In October 2019 myself and 7 other staff members of Llanharan Community Development Project (LCDP) undertook the Playworker Entry Level Welsh Course, based in Llanharan Welfare Hall. This was after our Work Welsh Support Officer, Phoebe Wilson from Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs, visited and completed initial assessments with our Work Welsh Champions in each of our settings. This allowed us to evaluate, with Phoebe, how much Welsh was currently being used and put in a plan of action of how best to increase the use of Welsh both in the short term and long term.  It also gave us an opportunity to discuss the course content, who would be best from our settings to attend and she also discussed with us funding available to allow our staff to attend during work time.

Our tutor Delyth made the course really enjoyable and made us all feel completely at ease. Some of the team were worried about learning new things and re-visiting learning after many years, there is sometimes a stigma or embarrassment of getting things wrong. No one needed to worry and the course was tailored to our needs and was paced very well over the weeks.

At LCDP we run a number of provisions and settings which include a Day Nursery, Playgroup, Wrap-around day care, After School Clubs, Holiday Clubs, Playschemes and a Youth Club for children and young people. Each person who undertook the course works in at least two of our provisions and most work in multiple settings between term time and holiday provisions. Everyone said how much the course has helped them to implement incidental Welsh within the settings. They also said that what they had learnt on the course is easily transferable between provisions which is what I feel is one of the biggest benefits for us as an organisation.  For example, one of our workers Glyn works term time playgroups in the morning, wrap around childcare in the afternoon then leads our After School Club in the local community centre and Youth Clubs in the evening. During the holidays he works in playschemes. He has said he has been able to introduce and use some basic Welsh in all of the settings. We also feel that doing it together as a team has helped us to keep up using Welsh with each other in settings and helps us all to remember.  

From a business perspective, the organisation was able to cover staff in provision through funding received. There were no financial barriers to stop attending a day time course, this also allowed those staff that have children to attend a course that would normally be run on evenings or weekend during family time.

The feedback from staff was amazing and the amount of confidence staff gained over a short period of time through Delyth's teaching techniques is excellent. Staff are really keen to use their new found or updated Welsh as much as possible."

For more information about learning Welsh, visit the National Centre for Learning Welsh website: https://learnwelsh.cymru/  or contact your membership organisation for information about the Camau courses.


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