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Update on the Additional Learning Needs

The Minister for Education has announced that the ‘Draft: Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (Wales) Regulations 2020’ https://gov.wales/additional-learning-needs-co-ordinator-wales-regulations-2020 (“the ALNCo regulations”) have been laid before the Senedd


These regulations prescribe the qualifications and functions of the ALNCo role and are to be debated by the Senedd on the 24 November. The ALNCo role is a fundamental part of the ALN system designed to ensure a greater consistency in the designation of ALNCos; and the co-ordination of additional learning provision.  


On 29th October the Minister made an Order to commence: 


  • from 2 November, various powers in the Act, including the power to make the ALNCo regulations; and  

  • from the 4 January 2021, the requirements for schools and further education institutions; health boards; and local authorities to designate respectively an ALNCo; Designated Education Clinical Lead Officer (DECLO) and the Early Years Additional Learning Needs Lead Officer (EYALNLO).  


The requirements to designate each of the statutory roles and the laying of the ALNCo regulations marks a significant milestone in the progress of these crucial ALN reforms, for the benefit of all children and young people in Wales with ALN 


You can find out more about the ALN transformation programme and guidance on the current SEN system ( https://gov.wales/written-statement-implementation-aln-system-commencement-order-1-additional-learning-needs-and) including frequently asked questions.


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