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For Information: Defining frontline social care workers for the purposes of vaccine prioritisation

The Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Director General for Health and Social Services have provided further information and clarity on the definition of frontline social care workers for the purposes of vaccine prioritisation. In communications with Local Authority Leads and Health Boards, it has been confirmed that staff undertaking social care roles in childcare and education Settings (both within public and independent sectors) will be within the scope of the frontline social care definition, where they support children, young people and adults with complex medical needs.

The new information outlines the vulnerabilities of the person in receipt of care/support included, and the nature of the care or support provided, to determine priority for vaccine within the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation’s group 2.

The Deputy Director for Childcare, Play and Early Years, Nicola Edwards, has stated that, where practitioners meet the criteria, they should contact their Local Health Board, or Local Authority, to arrange vaccine appointments.

Under the criteria set,the care for children under 16 years of age with serious neuro-disabilities would be expected to be beyond usual daily support and child care tasks that care givers would provide for a child. It should be frequent and may include tasks such as, for example, tracheostomy tube care, airway suction, repositioning to manage pressure areas, and care interventions such as respiratory physiotherapy. 

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