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Lateral Flow Tests for Childcare Providers

An initial supply of 3 weeks of lateral flow test kits have been sent directly to Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) registered Day Care Settings that are open and have not opted out of the arrangements. Any CIW registered Settings that are open that have not received their deliveries by 26th February should contact eduandcctesting@gov.wales.

A digital solution to allow Settings to order resupplies themselves is expected to be live in late March. It is not currently possible to arrange deliveries directly to childminders or unregistered Settings, but arrangements for this are being discussed with Local Authorities. Settings currently closed will also not receive tests, but where CIW is notified of the intention to re-open (or a newly established Day Care Setting opens) records will be updated to arrange an initial delivery (please contact eduandcctesting@gov.wales to arrange). Initial deliveries can take up to 3 weeks, and when available Settings can then use the digital solution to reorder stock as required.

An online document platform has been created to hold a number of resources to support the roll out of testing, it will also contain a delivery schedule detailing the dates that individual Settings can expect deliveries.  In addition, action cards for childminding and Day Care Settings are now available, highlighting the actions that are key to controlling COVID-19 infection in Settings.

Regardless of testing, primary infection control measures put in place (social distancing, hand hygiene etc) should still be the primary defence against transmission. Individuals that have tested positive for Covid-19 via a PCR test should not be tested on this programme within 90 days from initial illness onset or test, and this programme is not for individuals who are symptomatic and tests should not be used in those circumstances.


As a reminder, testing of staff should be on a voluntary basis.

The Department of Health and Social Care and NHS Digital are currently working through updates to the online system to enable Childcare and Play Workers to more easily identify themselves when self-reporting. Until the update is applied, all Childcare and Play staff should use the ‘other’ category when initially identifying the reason for taking the test/sector they work in.



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