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Covid 19 and your Quality of Care Report

With the SASS coming at the beginning of summeryou may be thinking about starting work on your Quality of Care Report (QOC) for Care Inspectorate Wales and wondering what you can include with the difficulties that have arisen as a result of Covid-19. You will still need to complete your QOC whether you remained open, opened sporadically or closed and have yet to reopen. This may seem daunting, wondering what you can include. This blog offers some tips on what you can think about when it comes to planning and writing your QOC report. 

There are four key areas within the Quality of Care report (Wellbeing, Care and Development, Environment and Leadership and Management) and you can discuss your service in relation to these areas whatever your circumstances. Think about how you have communicated with the children who use your Club. Have you interacted with them via parents using social media or sent them letters? All of this points to supporting the children’s wellbeing as well as the Care and Development area.  

When discussing the environment, you could think about how you planned to remain open or how you plan to re-open. What measures have you put in place to be compliant with the Protective Measures for Childcare Settings and how have you communicated these changes with the parents, staff and children. If you are planning on re-opening for the first time while producing your QOC report, what have you done to prepare for this re-opening? 

A lot of what you will have achieved during the pandemic, whatever your operating status, will fit within the Leadership and Management area. You need to consider things such as self-evaluation and improvement management, performance management, your vision of the service, management and development of practitioners. Self-reflect on how you have continued to manage the service. When thinking about how you have continued to communicate with parents and staff over the past year, is there anything you could have improved? Remember you can still reach out to parents and staff and ask for feedback and ideas and look at ways to develop these suggestions. If you have already done this, what feedback have you received and what have you done with this feedback? 

Your vision for the future is important. You may be looking to re-open and this will be your focus for the coming year, but what will this involve? Think about how you will promote your service going forward. The landscape has changed and it may take a while to build up the numbers you had pre-Covid. You may have made changes in order to remain open, will these continue?  It would be beneficial to promote your service using the benefits of play and the lost play opportunities the children have experienced. How will you plan your provision to support the wellbeing of the children negatively impacted by these lost play opportunities? 

Partnership working is also something you can discuss within your QOC. Consider how you have kept in communication with the Local Authority throughout the pandemic, what support have you sought from organisations such as Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs. 

Your QOC report this year may be very different to others you have done and it may feel like you have less content due to periods of closure, however you will have things to reflect on whatever your circumstances. For further support in writing your QOC report, you can join our Top Tips for writing your Quality of Care report webinar. Please see our website for further details. You can also contact your Regional Childcare Business Development Officer. Guidance is also available on the Care Inspectorate Wales website.


Becky Hall, Childcare Business Development Officer, South East Wales.


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