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SASS Closes on 4th August

Congratulations to the Providers who have already submitted their Self-Assessment of Service Statement (SASS). It has been great hearing your positive feedback about the process

“It was so much quicker than I thought”

“I was nervous but I found it much easier than last time”


Don’t forget:

  1. To press ‘submit’ once all of your sections are at 100% and you are happy with your content
  2. You can still activate your account if you do not yet have a CIW online account, but you must take action quickly. Visit https://online.careinspectorate.wales/#/login or call CIW on 0300 7900 126 and select option 4
  3. If you have your online account already, but you haven’t yet started your SASS, don’t panic! We are on hand to answer any queries you may have, but the process is really straightforward, so log on and have a look!

If you would like support, or have any questions, call us on 02920 741000

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