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Burbo Bank

Date: 17/04/2020



Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs would like to take this opportunity to thank Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund for funding £4,984.00 which allowed us to develop an exciting project based around renewable energy.

The Project started with a vision to educate children and to raise awareness of renewable energy by engaging with children through the delivery of STEM activities in disadvantaged Out of School Childcare Clubs in the Burbo Bank eligible areas. Through engagement further activites would be developed.

The aim of this Project was to to enthuse children and mitigate the gap in science attainment between economically disadvantaged students and their peers, through the delivery of fun, practical Science workshops to 3 Out of School Childcare Clubs (approximately 6 Playworkers, 48 children). During the workshops children would be invited to ask questions, all of which would be selected to develop into new activities/experiments. These would then be piloted within their settings (reaching up to 48 children) and feedback collated and utilised to finalise activities.

The Project is now complete and 3 Out of School Childcare Clubs, 1 club in Rhyl, 1 club in Prestatyn and 1 club in Flintshire received a total of 6 Renewable Energy Workshops. A total of 61 individuals (7 Playworkers and 54 children) were direct beneficiaries of this project.During the workshops children were encouraged to ask questions either based on the activities or on renewable energy as a whole.

Questions asked included:

What other fruit and vegetables could make electricity?

If I touch the potato will I get an electric shock?

How does a rocket go up?

What other ways can energy make something move?

These questions were then used to develop 10 new exciting fun activities to help encourage the benefits of renewable energy. Each of the activities were based around one of three themes of renewable energy; solar, wind or thermal, giving the children an insight into how renewable energy works in a child friendly relatable way.

Some of the new activities include:

DIY Hand Warmers

Human Chain

Water Rocket

The new activities were piloted within the settings and feedback was collated and utilised to finalise the activities.

Each pilot club received a box of resources to support with the delivery of the activities.

All activities have been included within our Science Zone Pack, made available to 1,547 clubs across Wales.

Feedback received from the Clubs has been very positive, the Playworkers have learnt new skills and the children have really enjoyed taking part, comments included:

“Lovely activities, kept children engaged and encouraged to ask questions regarding renewable energy, lots of fun had by all. Thank you!”

‘I really enjoyed the entire session’

‘the trainer was really easy to talk to and wasn’t afraid to answer any questions the children had’

‘I thought the content was great’

‘I thought the organisation was great’

‘The trainer explained the activities really well for the children’

‘Very friendly, kept the children engaged, lots of fun had by all’

‘All the children enjoyed the training provided by the trainer’


The children were asked to comment on the things they enjoyed about the workshops; their favourite things were.

Comments from children included,

‘I liked playing with the cars’

‘It was fun, the best was the rocket and the tutor was funny’

‘The balloon cars were fun’

‘I liked the water rockets the best’

‘I liked the balloon car’



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