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Boost your wellbeing with our autumn foraging event Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th September

Date: 03/09/2021

Autumn is a season of ripening fruits, nuts and berries and celebratory, heart-warming feasts with families and friends, all of which help boost our mental resilience, wellbeing and physical health.  The magical, calming effect of nature is powerful in  alleviating the pressures of modern, busy lives.

It’s been a tough 18 months,  but as we emerge the other side of Covid 19, we want to invite you all to our autumn  foraging event to celebrate nature and prepare our bodies and minds for the winter ahead as our ancestors would have done centuries before us.  And find out how clubs can access our new Grow Your Own Feast pack for FREE.

Have you picked and eaten a blackberry?  Then you are already a forager.  Foraging is gathering plants from the wild to eat or use for medicine.  Many years ago, our ancestors had to forage to survive,  choosing plants that were easy to find and right on their doorstep.  We ask you this September to seek out these same plants that can still be found on your own doorstep, bringing you close to nature in a way that is easy, fun and safe...but which is also a thought-provoking and sensory experience which makes you happy.

To be part of this special event:

  1. Look out for our social media posts and accept for our facebook event invite.
  2. Join us 28th-30th September to create  an Elderberry Elixir/Tonic and celebrate nature together across Wales.
  3. Read our Elderberry Exilir recipe below so you can gather the ingredients (not many we promise) and look out for where you can collect Elderberries with children locally.  You may need to pick them right away if they’re already ripe in your area. Elderberries freeze really well if you need to preserve them until our event.
  4. Talk to the children about stories and the medicinal and nutritious properties of the berries and the very special Elder tree.
  5. Watch our 2 minute videos on foraging safely and berry safety here and here

As our foraging expert Adele Nozedar explains in our autumn newsletter, the purply-black berries, which hang down in glittering clusters were discovered by scientists to be very rich in substances called anthocyanins. These help boost your immune system and also keep nasty germs away. This means that the berries will help you stay healthy during the colder weather. Very often we get poorly as the seasons change from warm to cold, and this is the perfect time to gather the berries. Remember to take only what you need, as animals, insects and birds also need Elderberries too.

This activity is part of our Grow Your Own Feast pack, which includes a range of growing, cooking, foraging and celebrating activities for children to enjoy the outdoors and keep well, growing and cooking their own feast – visit www.clybiauplantcymru.org/projects.asp for some sample Grow Your Own Feast activity cards and the launch of our final pack! 

Members will be able to access this pack free.  Become a member for free at Members | Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids' Clubs

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