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Playwork Training Podcasts

Date: 20/01/2022

Risky Play Podcast

Welcome to our first ever Podcast, this podcast forms part of our series of Playwork Training Podcasts; it will be a 10 podcast series covering all the main topics of Playwork.


Our first Podcast covers the topic of Risky Play and the benefits to the children. During this podcast we will be covering;  

  • The benefits of Risky Play
  • The barriers to Risky Play.
  • How to remove these barriers 
  • How can risky play be implemented in you setting

Duration – 15 minutes


Inclusion podcast

Welcome to our second podcast.


This Podcast covers the topic of Inclusion. During this podcast we will be covering;

  • How as Playworkers we can design our services around children and their needs   
  • Explaining what is meant by Social and Medical models 
  • Factors effecting children’s lives   
  • Factors effecting decision making  
  • Defining equality, diversity and individuality   
  • Exploring attitudes and Barriers towards inclusion

Duration – 19 minutes


Reflection Podcast

Welcome to our third podcast.


This Podcast covers the topic of Reflection. During this podcast we will be covering;

  • What is Reflective Practice
  • The Benefits and some of the Barriers to Reflection
  • Methods of reflecting - IMEE
  • Dynamic Reflection: SLLRRRP

Duration – 15 minutes

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