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Grow Your Own Feast: It's Spring! by Forager Adele Nozedar

Date: 28/03/2022

And if ever a season was aptly named….it just has to be THIS one!

Everything seems to be exploding right now. The dandelions, daisies and primroses are vying for attention. The birds in our gardens are singing from dawn until dusk. And the lanes, verges, hedgerows and trees are positively frothing with new growth, blossoms and unfurling leaves.

Spring is also a time for us to feel happy and optimistic, too. Although there’s a tradition of making resolutions during the first days of a new year, I think this isn’t such a good idea, as we are still in the throes of the winter months. Spring, I believe, is a much better time to make plans, and decide what we would like to see happen for the rest of the year!

So, I’m going to share my list of Spring Things that I’m planning. (I also know I might not do everything, but that’s OK too!)

  1. Feed the birds. Although it might seem as though they are fine once spring arrives, they still need to be fed as the nights can be very cold, still, and often frosty. Birds can lose half their body weight on a cold night! The best foods for our garden birds are nuts, suet, seeds – all these are fatty and high in nutrients.
  2. Similarly, hedgehogs need some care and attention. Even if you never see these nocturnal creatures, they still need your help. Although it used to be the case that we fed hedgehogs with bread and milk, it’s been found that a little dog food and a bowl of water is a much better option.
  3. The most important resolution, for me, is to continue using everything that I have contributed to and learned from the Grow Your Own Feast Project. I want to grow more vegetables, especially the ones I like the most (tomatoes, potatoes, rhubarb, leeks, broccoli – there are lots!) So why don’t you decide what are your favourites? Now is the time to get some seeds, do some planting, and look forward to the rewards in just a few short weeks!

Best of all, I hope that you have managed to do a little foraging, too. Here in Wales we are lucky to have some of the best wild plants, fungi and seaweed in the whole of the UK. So get out there and make the most of it all!

With much love

Adele Nozedar xx


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