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Horizon Nuclear Power

Date: 10/10/2016

This project funded a series of six science based activity workshops for clubs across North Anglesey in clubs most impacted by the sea and water due to their proximity to the coast and the wind turbines.

They can see how the wind is used to produce energy through wind turbines and the Wylfa power station to utilise the cooling effects of the water in its production of electricity. 

The workshops, ‘Watts the Attraction: Just Add Water’, introduced the children to science through hands on experiments such as ‘The Dripping Clock’ which shows how water is used to estimate time and ‘Twisting Turbines’ which shows how water is used to power turbines. 

The activity workshops were delivered to Playworkers “hands-on” in the childcare setting, and by the end of each workshop the Playworkers will be equipped with the knowledge to lead future sessions with other children increasing the impact that the training has on the children in the out of school clubs.

The skills and knowledge gained from the workshops will stay with the clubs and be passed on to additional children and Playworkers as well as parents and the wider community, helping to ensure the legacy of the project.  

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