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Making a difference through funding from the Moondance Foundation

Date: 15/11/2018

Since December 2017, with one year funding from the Moondance Foundation, we have been able to employ a Childcare Business Development Officers (CBDOs), once again in each Local Authority, offering support through visits and bespoke one to one business skills sessions.  This funding has been essential in developing positive relationships with Out of School Childcare Clubs, many of whom have not received face to face support from a Local Authority Development Officer in a number of years. The Moondance project has provided an opportunity for CBDO’s to build familiarity and trust with the Playworkers, Committees and Managers. The project has identified the challenges that clubs are currently facing; these include sustainability concerns, need for training, and CIW registration support. Additionally, our staff have observed a lack of awareness of governance and liability and a need to move the sector towards a limited liability business structure.


The CBDOs employed through funds from the Moondance Foundation have done an excellent job of supporting the Out of School Childcare sector to date and there are a multitude of examples of how their hard work, passion and support has enabled the development and/or sustainability of quality childcare for local communities across Wales. We have collated a few examples of the impact that these CBDOs, and the funding that has been so gratefully received, has had to date within this booklet.


21/01/2019 Final Reports from our Moondance Project

I am sure you will join me in thanking The Moondance Foundation for the funding Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs received to fund a Childcare Business Development Officer to support your Out of School Childcare Club.

Unfortunately, the project ended at the end of December, and despite numerous applications, we have not as yet managed to secure funding to continue the support.

Our aim for the project was for the Childcare Business Development Officer to support the sustainability and quality of Out of School Childcare Clubs and through the project, we demonstrated what an impressive difference support for just a day a week in your county can achieve as well as the impact made for the Out of School Sector. As you will see from the Case study and infographic attached, the project has certainly made a difference for the Out of School Sector in Wales thanks to the Moondance Foundation funding.

As the project has now come to an end, we unfortunately will no longer have staff working on the ground in your county.  You will continue to be supported via our regional offices; and through membership, you will be able to access regular updates and information via email and through the members area of our website. 

We will be shortly be writing our Spring quarterly newsletter (Y Bont) for Clubs and welcome you to share any good news stories or general information that will be useful to the childcare and play sector.  Alternatively, let us know what you would like us to write about contact@clybiauplantcymru.org

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