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We enable, empower, and encourage our Club Community to believe in their own abilities. By offering assistance when needed, we give them the opportunity to take proud ownership of their Out of School Childcare Clubs. We want to see Out of School Childcare Clubs thrive, and we admire the wonderful impact that they, and our Club Community, have on the experiences of children.


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Everything we do is based on our extensive knowledge within the Out of School Childcare sector. We know that each club is different, and we know better than anyone that there is no ‘one size-fits-all’. We admire the variety of our clubs – and we use our expertise and industry knowledge to educate and support our Club Community


We support Playworkers to provide the best childcare possible across Wales


We have a library of resources to grow your Out of School Childcare club and become sustainable


Be a part of the voice for the Out of School Childcare community


Be part of our vision to make Wales a place where Children play and communities prosper

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