Are you ready to celebrate play?

We were overjoyed to celebrate the first ever International Day of Play on June 11th. Help us keep the spotlight on the importance of play in children’s lives and the need to protect and support children’s right to play by sharing your play and together creating the biggest, most colourful and diverse virtual play wall/bunting we can possibly make.    

Between now and Playday on 7th August we will be sharing play suggestions and would love you to share yours and tag us #showusyourplay on social media.  

The theme of Playday 2024 is ‘Play – the culture of childhood’ – supporting play, fun and friendships (across generations and cultures) and we will be attending both county and club Playday events across Wales to celebrate and promote play.    

To build awareness of the importance of play, we would love you join us in our activity below. Tag us on social media (#showusyourplay) or share your pictures with us via to help us create the biggest, most colourful and diverse virtual play wall/bunting we can possibly make. 

 Play wall/bunting 

What you need: 

  • Paper 
  • Art materials and colouring pencils which can be used for a variety of skin tones 
  • Scissors 
  • Ribbon/wool/string
  1. Invite children and adults alike to draw a picture of themselves playing to celebrate and promote play, children’s right to play and the essential role it plays in building health, happiness and creativity. Children can encourage friends, parents, grandparents, siblings and neighbours to draw one too.  
  2. Build a ‘play wall’ with your art or if you use thick paper cut into rectangles or triangles, you can hole punch each drawing and string with wool/string/ribbon to create bunting.  
  3. Display within your setting, community and workplace – the more places the better – in the lead up to Playday so we can all highlight play and its value. 
  4. We would love you to share photos of your drawings, displays or bunting with us on social media to help promote play, wherever we are. 

Top tips 

  • Give plenty of time in the lead up to Playday. 
  • Use fairy lights to emphasis your bunting/wall of play.