Awareness Days

July 15 – 30 Festival of British Archaeology 

The 2023 CBA Festival of Archaeology will run from the 15-30 July. This year our Festival theme is Archaeology and Creativity. Archaeology at its heart is a creative process. It’s about exploration and imagination, it’s visual stimulation and inspiration; it’s the process by which we create memory and meaning.

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July 17 – Global Hug Your Kids Day

Global Hug your Kids Day is celebrated on the third Monday of every July, which is July 17 this year. The day celebrates the bond between parents and children. The purpose of this day is simple – hug your children to express how much you love them. Hugging is a simple act of reassuring comfort, safety and trust. Everyone can do with a hug, especially children.

July 22 – World Brain Day

Taking place on July 22, 2023, the campaign will share important information related to the global impact of brain health and disability.

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