Awareness Days

Black History Month – 1st Oct to 31st Oct 2023

Black History Month is a month-long observance throughout October, devoted to education about the history of Black people and the celebration of their contributions to history.

ADHD Awareness Month – 1st Oct – 31st 2023

ADHD Awareness Month is an annual observance held in October to raise awareness about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The month-long campaign aims to educate the public, reduce stigma, and provide support to individuals and families affected by ADHD. It also highlights the importance of early diagnosis, effective treatment, and understanding the challenges faced by those with ADHD.

Halloween – October 31st

The world wide celebration of all things spooky and scary. Halloween is thought to have it’s roots in the pagan festival of Samhain which was a type of harvest festival. It is celebrated with trick or treating, dressing up and decorations.