Celebrate International Mother Language Day in your setting on February 21

Check out our activity ideas to promote linguistic and cultural diversity on International Mother Language Day

Created by UNESCO to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism, appreciating and promoting the mother tongue of children will encourage linguistic diversity, build tolerance and also make them feel proud of their culture and identity.

Activity ideas

  • Does anyone in your club speak different languages?  Or is someone learning a new language or practiced one on a recent holiday? Ask them to teach you some words and phrases you can all say together.
  • Make a holiday book where children can bring in photos/postcards of where they have been on holiday to learn and discover about different countries, language, foods and cultures.
  • Print out our multi lingual Welcome Poster on the members’ areas of the website.  Can you say ‘welcome’ in all of those languages?  What other words can you learn to say?

Welcome poster: Celebrating diversity in clubs