Childcare Offer for Wales- Change to future application opening dates.

Recent feedback from parents highlighted they were unclear when they could apply for the Offer as application opening dates varied across Wales. We have therefore agreed with local authorities that a universal application opening date will now apply across Wales in order to bring consistency of experience for parents and childcare providers. As such, applications for the Childcare Offer for Wales will now open 75 days prior to the start of term.

The change will come into effect in time for those taking up Childcare Offer places from the autumn term, which begins 2 September 2024. This means that applications for Childcare Offer funded childcare for the 2024 autumn term will open from 19 June 2024. As always, parents who are approved to receive the Childcare Offer will be asked to make contact with the childcare provider of their choice to discuss their needs, before setting up an Agreement on the Childcare Offer for Wales platform.

Further information for childcare providers on the Childcare Offer for Wales is available here: Providers get help with the Childcare Offer for Wales | GOV.WALES