December celebrations across the world!

What is Boxing Day?

The day after Christmas Day, 26th December. Traditionally Boxing Day was a day where employers would distribute gifts and food to their employees.  Nowadays sporting events and post Christmas sales are carried out on Boxing Day.

What is Bodhi Day?

Celebrated by Buddhists around the world on the 8th December. Read here for more information…What is Bodhi Day? 08/12/2023 – Twinkl Event Calendar


What is Krampusnacht ?

A centuries-old Christmas tradition in Germany and other parts of Europe, Krampusnacht is said to be when the Krampus, a beasty demonic figure and the antithesis of jolly St Nick, arrives in towns to reward good children and take wicked ones away to the underworld. Similar to the concept of the Naughty and Nice List, but way, way darker.

Celebrated on 5th December.

What is Omisoka?

Celebrated on 31st December by the Japanese. They have a giant feast with friends and family with some traditional Japanese foods. Often people go out to celebrate or stay home and watch a nation-wide New Year’s talent competition until it’s time to count down to midnight. Omisoka isn’t just about having a party, it is also considered a spiritual event for many Japanese people, and at midnight they visit Shinto shrines.