New Year traditions and celebrations across the world.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated across the world, usually by music, dancing, eating, celebrating with close friends and family or attending fireworks and music shows.


Locals eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight to honour a tradition that started in the 19th Century, in the hope that it will bring a year of good luck.


The first person to enter your house after Midnight on New Years Day should be a dark haired male bearing gifts of coal, salt, shortbread and whiskey. This tradition is thought to bring good luck and good fortune for the year.


White flowers are thrown into the ocean on New Year’s Eve. This is in order to make offerings to Yemoja who is a major water deity who controls the seas.


Hang onions at their doors. Greeks believe onions are a symbol of rebirth, so hanging onions promotes growth throughout the new year.


Mases are held at Cemetries so people can sit with their deceased families and include them in the festivities.


Sprinkle salt on their doorstep when the clock strikes midnight.  This promotes peace and prosperity throughout the new year.

Enjoy your New Years Eve celebrations and take time to reflect on this last year 2023. What have you discovered about yourself? What have you learnt? What made you smile?

Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2024.