Financial record keeping tools

Are there ways in which you could make your financial systems more robust and efficient?

Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs has a host of templates and resources for member Clubs that can help, particularly if you need to show record to apply for funding or monitor grant spend!

These include:

1. NEW monthly income/expenditure recording Excel template, with pre-filled calculations to help you.

2. NEW weekly income/expenditure recording system, with Excel tabs and pre-filled calculations to help you to keep track of parent payments, outstanding balances and weekly spend

3. NEW Invoicing template

4. Cashflow Forecast

5. Pre-recorded webinar: Completing a Cashflow Forecast (available on request via

6. Instructions for completing a cashflow forecast

7. End of Year Accounts template

8. Pre-recorded webinar: Reviewing your finances (available on request via

9. Factsheets (Importance of completing end of year accounts; and Independent Verification of accounts)

If there are other resources/templates that you would find useful, get in touch! We are always looking for additional ways to support Out of School Childcare Clubs across Wales.