Awareness Days

Local And Community History Month 2023May 1 - May 31 

All of May is the Local and Community History month across the UK! The Historical Association, which is a charity registered and incorporated by the Royal Charter, supports education, enjoyment and the learning of history at all levels of teaching and at adulthood. Their mission is to “inspire, enable and encourage” people across all walks of life to get involved with history, and the Local and Community history month is one of their ways to do it. 

In this month, the Historical Association wants everyone to research and read, share information and raise awareness about the history of their communities and local areas. They also want people to hold events in their local area highlighting these, and to promote and advertise areas of heritage and historical concern.

May 15 – 21, 2023 – Mental Health Awareness Week 

Mental health awareness week is the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health and mental health problems. 

It is important to raise awareness about mental health to the public and ensure communities recognise the part each person has to play in creating a society that advocates for mental health. 

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Water Saving Week 2023 May 15 - May 19 

This year Waterwise will be hosting the Water Saving Week for the 7th year running. Follow them on social media to take part in the campaign! 

During the week we will learn how to reduce our water usage and why it’s important to do so. From saving money to saving nature, we can all make tiny changes in our lives that combined will have a huge impact on our future.

Learning at Work Week May 15 – 21 

Build learning cultures at work and inspire learning. 

Learning at Work Week is a unique annual event. 

It’s led nationally by campaign for Learning and by employers in their organisations. 

Find out what your organisation can do here. 

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