Awareness Days

14-18th of November 2022 – Antibullying Week

To mark the start of Antibullying week, celebrate Odd Socks Day on the 14th of November. Odd Socks Day is designed to be a fun way to express yourself by wearing odd socks for the day. You may even consider fundraising for the Anti-bullying Alliance who organise the day as well as anti-bullying week which highlights the ways that we can prevent and respond to bullying. The website has resources and more information on the ways to combat bullying.

14-20th of November 2022 – Road Safety Week

Safety Week organised by the road safety charity Brake raise funds and campaign for safe roads for everyone. Schools, organisations, and communities share important road safety messages and remember the people affected by road deaths and injuries. Three key points are to THINK about how we can use roads in a safer way; UNDERSTAND how safe roads can enable everyone to make safe journeys, and; REMEMBER road crash victims. Sign up on the website to take part.

18th November 2022 – BBC Children in Need Day 2022

BBC Children in Need Day aka Pudsey Day is celebrated annually in November. Their message is ‘together we can change young lives’. Children in Need supports thousands of local charities and projects that help children and young people in the UK on matters from mental health and emotional wellbeing, to supporting impoverished children and help children and young people to be the best they can be. For resources, guides, and fundraising ideas visit the website.