Funding Opportunities

We are delighted to share with you some funding opportunities.  Don’t forget that we can support you in completing applications, so please get in touch if you need our help!

The Community Ownership fund Round 2

A £150 million fund over 4 years to support community groups across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to take ownership of assets which are at risk of being lost to the community.

Closes 14th December 2022.

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The Welsh Government Coastal Communities fund

aims to support the economic development of coastal communities by promoting sustainable economic growth and the creation of jobs, so that people are better able to respond to the changing economic needs and opportunities in the area.

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The Yapp Charitable Trust-

Offering grants to registered charities with a total annual expenditure of less than £40,000. Grants of up to £9,000 (maximum £3,000 per year over 3 years) are available.

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