Caerphilly Holiday Clubs – Don’t miss out on this opportunity

The Play Inc Project, funded by the Welsh Government’s Playworks Holiday Grant, addresses holiday hunger by offering vulnerable families in Caerphilly County Borough access to play opportunities for their primary school-aged children during school holidays. These sessions are fully funded, relieving families of any financial burden.

Eligibility Criteria

Primary school-aged children, identified by the Early Years Family Support Team, including those enrolled in Specialist Resource Bases, are eligible for the programme.

Services Provided

Eligible children receive two 6-hour sessions per week during school holidays, with childcare settings receiving £30 per session per child, along with £2.50 for lunch.

Becoming a Play Inc Provider

Childcare providers interested in participating must be registered with Care Inspectorate Wales and able to operate during school holidays. They will receive training to enhance their provision, focusing on inclusivity and risk assessment.

Providers must meet the following criteria:

  • Have available vacancies during school holidays.
  • Offer placement to children aged 5-11 years.
  • Be capable of supporting children with additional/emerging needs

Application Process

Interested providers should complete an Expression of Interest form by April 30, 2024.

(*Settings who are already approved for Play Inc do not need to complete the form again, but we will contact you to check that you are able to meet the criteria.)

Once approved, providers are added to the list of approved Play Inc providers. The Family Support Team identifies eligible children and provides parents/carers with an eligibility code. Parents/carers then select a provider from the approved list and arrange placement. Providers complete the Play Inc Individual Child Placement (ICP) Form, including the eligibility code. Upon approval, both the provider and the parents/carers receive confirmation of the placement and funding.

Payment Process

Providers submit attendance registers at the end of the holiday week to receive payment.

Childcare Provider Special Bulletin – Play Inc Project (