How does play break down barriers within communities? 

Different generations, different cultures and backgrounds, different ideas and beliefs, different abilities – our communities are diverse. All these differences are a great aspect to any community; however, they can cause barriers between each other. Play is a fantastic way of breaking down barriers, resulting in communities coming together, ensuring that valuable sense of belonging for all.  

10 ideas of how your setting can advocate for play and break down barriers within your community:  

  1. Host a talent show  
  2. Car wash  
  3. Invite different members of the community in to carry out activities with the children  
  4. Visit local retirement homes  
  5. Community Bake off   
  6. Coffee and cake mornings  
  7. Treasure Hunt within the community  
  8. Community gardening days  
  9. Community sports day – bring the fun back into the community – sack races, toss the welly, 3-legged race  
  10. Quiz evenings