National Sun Awareness Week-1st-7th May

The key is to raise awareness about sun protection and skin cancer.  

 A 2006 experiment shows sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours to prevent U.V. light from penetrating our skin. 

5 important facts about sun exposure myths 

1.Sun damage only occurs in summer 

Sun damage is caused by U.V. rays, not temperature, therefore, skin can be affected even on windy and cloudy days. 


2. Darker-skinned people don’t need sunscreen 

U.V. exposure causes permanent skin damage, regardless of skin type and color. 


3. You can’t burn through glass 

Untinted glass reduces the effect of sunlight but does not completely stop it; skin can still be affected after prolonged exposure next to such glass. 


4. More sun exposure = less vitamin D deficiency. 

Research says the higher the U.V. levels, the less sun exposure people need to improve vitamin D in the body; a few minutes in the sun is usually enough. 


5. Fake tans can replace sunscreen 

Fake tan lotions might have S.P.F., but they cannot be relied upon for continuous protection; dermatologists recommend using sunscreen below these lotions and reapplying every two hours for better protection.