Climate Action Boost


Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs supports the Out of School Childcare sector. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic this was achieved almost exclusively through face to face support and training sessions across Wales resulting in over 54,000 miles travelled by our staff each year. That figure does not include the miles Learners have also travelled to attend sessions, and with almost 88,000 attendances at training courses between 2003-2020, this number is likely to be significantly higher.

Aspects of our organisation’s practices also saw the use of large amounts of printing which has both ink, toners and paper use, over 10,000 sheets used annually. Logistics of deliveries and packaging of these items was also a concern. As an organisation we recognised our impact on the environment and as such our Environmental Policy sought to reduce that impact while still being able to provide a service, and we were taking some small steps prior to the project to act responsibly.

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