Supporting My Rights in My Out of School Clubs

Supporting My Rights in My Out of School Clubs – a series of member resources with templates and guidance to help you support children’s rights, keep children at the heart of what you do within your club and meet National Minimum Standards.  

“All those caring for and working with children and young people have a role to fulfil in recognising children’s rights and helping them reach their potential as individuals.”  National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare (NMS) ( May 2023 

The series of resources will help you meet key areas within the ‘Well-being’ theme of the Inspection Framework, childcare-play-and-open-access-inspection-and-ratings-provider-guidance-en.pdf ( and ensure children: 

  • are encouraged to speak, express themselves and contribute ideas 
  • express their views and  know that their ideas will be listened to  
  • are involved in your club’s decision making (Standard 7 , NMS),  
  • understand their rights in practical ways  
  • implement their rights by feeding into your settings’ policies and use their voice to shape all aspects of your setting 
  • are encouraged to feel safe, happy and valued 

Activities for Consulting with Children and Young People within your Out of School Club

Following the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ calendar approach to promoting Children’s Rights, you can plan throughout the year to highlight a right each month.   


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