Success Stories

Aros a Chwarae Casnewydd, South East Wales: Business support to set up a new Welsh language After School Childcare Club in Newport 

Aros a Chwarae Casnewydd is a new Welsh medium Out of School club run by a private provider within the County of Newport South East Wales. The club is based within and operates for the children of Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd for children 3-12 years.   

The club offers a child centred environment meeting the social physical, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of each individual child.    Nic Speight the owner of Aros a Chwarae has been very busy during the summer months working towards registration with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) and will hopefully be a registered Welsh medium childcare soon, offering the first registered welsh medium Out of School Childcare places in the county.    

The club is run by the very experienced Playwork qualified, Welsh speaking Teaching Assistants of the school who the children adore. However, as an English speaker, Nic felt her biggest challenge was ensuring that she as the responsible person would fulfil all the requirements of CIW as a Welsh setting.  With the support of the Newport CBDOs, Nic was able to receive invaluable support with CIW registration as well as support from the Welsh language CBDO in accessing and amending bilingual policies. The creative thinking of Ceri Innes-Parry, Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd Headmistress ensured that Casnewydd would not only have a Welsh language club but a Welsh medium club that has robust governance.  

“It has been a priority for me to restart a Welsh Club outside of school hours for a number of reasons. As a school where only 2% of the parents can speak Welsh, it is essential for the children to be able to speak Welsh in an atmosphere different from an educational one, and to see the Welsh language as a living language, where the children can play together and communicate with others. 

In addition, this area is a disadvantaged one, and therefore, trying to assist parents/carers to be able to return to work, or undertake college or higher education courses is an essential part of working together with our parents/guardians. It was a priority for the Club to register with Care Inspectorate Wales so that the parents/guardians could take advantage of the Welsh Governments financial help, which is available for childcare. 

Finally… Being able to offer the Teaching Assistants more hours on top of their salary as Assistants within the School, helps us as a School to keep our workforce. Any help to keep them, and to show them that I think creatively about ways to help them raise their wages is essential in maintaining the ethos and morale of the workforce.  

My priority when searching for a provider was that I wanted the provider to take the lead in terms of arrangements and payments. The parents/guardians pay the providers directly, so I don’t need to be involved at all. I also wanted the providers to be knowledgeable in terms of Safeguarding children so that I have faith in hem to follow purposeful and correct arrangements.  

The help I received from Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs was fantastic! Siân and Clare guided me through the regulatory process as well as providing bilingual letters in order to advertise. It would also help with potential questions as well as referrals. They guided me through the process of collecting money and ensuring that the communities operate firmly in terms of security in place.” Ceri Innes-Parry Headteacher Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd.