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This project is aimed to help children, young people and Playworkers connect with nature and grow/forage food in sustainable ways.It culminated in our Grow Your Own Feast resource pack with 46 growing, foraging, cooking, celebrating activities that are now available to over 1500 clubs (854 settings) across the whole of Wales.

We established excellent partnerships with growing experts – Terry Walton, celebrity organic gardener, Adele Nozedar, published forager and 9 pilot Out of School Club settings – to support the development of our resource cards, videos and features in our quarterly newsletter.

We delivered 23 workshops to 343 children and Playworkers, foraging books and gardening resources and shared a series of 8 online videos and activity cards often linking with national events/awareness dates such as National Children’s Gardening Week.

We also promoted the pack through:

  1. Foraging with Kids event in Brecon;
  2. Foraging Together: Facebook live event making spiced elderberry cordial to boost immune systems;
  3. Christmas Crafts with Nature network event to launch ‘Grow Your Own Feast’ pack;
  4. Spectacular Sunflowers – provided 850 settings with Sunflower and Basil seeds to make full use of the pack and start growing together across Wales, extending the timeline and geographical reach of the project.

The pack was updated with additional activities in March and we continue to promote the pack through the seasons via Y Bont and social media.

“Some lovely ideas! Looking forward to seeing what we can do with the packs and how they will help us have a better understanding of foraging/gardening”

“The children have loved getting outdoors more and it has given us lots of inspiration for activities.”

“Absolutely fantastic workshops, thank you Clybiau. Also a massive thank you to Adele, we will definitely be making the stars, cards and jars over the next couple of weeks!”

“The children have loved every second. Lots of them have been much better at trying vegetables at snack time and they are so proud of what they have grown!”

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