Updated guidance on the National Digital Childcare Offer Service

Welsh Government has updated the guidance for Childcare Providers on the National Digital Childcare Offer Service. You can find the updated guidance here.  

As you will be aware, childcare providers who work with the Childcare Offer are required to register with the new national digital service. Your local authority childcare team will notify you when it’s time to register. 

The new digital service will allow childcare providers to register to deliver the Offer by setting up an online account which can be managed ‘on the go’.  

The benefits include:  

  • One simple, national service used by all local authorities in Wales  
  • Access ‘on the go’ via laptops, tablets and mobile phones  
  • A fully bilingual service Security of data  
  • Fast and regular payments for new children paid directly from Welsh Government.  


To prepare, childcare providers will need to:  

  • Identify one lead person to register their setting  
  • Find their CIW SIN number (this can be found on any correspondence from CIW or on their online account)  
  • Know their CIW registration number (this will be the most recent number if there has been a change in management structure) 
  • Have their registered setting postcode to hand  
  • Have details of their bank account into which payments should be made.  


All parents wishing to receive Childcare Offer hours from January 2023 will apply through the national digital service and payments for hours provided for these children will be made through the new service. Payments for children who were benefitting from the Offer prior to January 2023 will need to continue to be claimed via your Local Authority process.