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We are the voice of Out of School Childcare Clubs in Wales

Working closely with Welsh Government and through support from other funders, allows us to ensure that we not only guide, but give a voice to the Out of School Childcare sector, using our local knowledge from operational level staff.

We strive to empower our Club Community by supplying quality support that extends beyond the clubs themselves. It is our duty to support our members and clubs.

We provide them with a solid foundation of information and training in order to provide meaningful Out of School Childcare. A foundation that withstands the day-to-day runnings, and beyond.

We pride ourselves for being on hand and accessible, whenever that may be.

Since we were established in 2001, we have refined our sector specific expertise and we are best placed to help steer Out of School Childcare Clubs and communities across Wales to support the needs of children, their families and the Welsh economy.

Our board of trustees, elected from our members, ensure the best interest of clubs and other stakeholders are considered in our management decisions. We welcome new and diverse representation from the sector and also seek co-opted trustees who can bring specific skills such as financial management or marketing.

Strategic Goals


Incorporated organisations with strong child focussed governance, providing sustainable and quality play and care for children, families and communities.


High engagement and income to support our growth; and a sustainable sector that is affordable, valued and able to support children, families and communities to prosper


A qualified, professional workforce supporting self-directed play to be understood, facilitated and promoted for children and young people

Welsh language and the culture of Wales

Increased use of the Welsh language, allowing children and families to access play opportunities and childcare in their preferred language, preserving the language for future generations in a resilient more equal culture.

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